888-616-2266      780-452-2321 Natural Resource Recovery Group Inc. Corporate Policy Statement Health, Safety & Environment Natural Resource Recovery Group Inc. places Safety Education and Work Practices in general, as a highest corporate and individual priority.  We are committed to conducting our activities in a manner that will safeguard the health and safety of our employees, sub-contractors, clients, visitors, and to protect the environment and the public.  Our goal is to eliminate all accidents and to create a safe working environment for our employees.  We will continually strive to reduce the number and severity of incidents therefore by doing so contribute to improving and maintaining employee morale and company pride. All levels of management, supervisor and employees are responsible and held accountable for providing and maintaining a safe work environment with proper procedures, training, equipment and programs to ensure that work is performed to accepted standards and in compliance with government regulation. All employees and subcontractors on company worksites share the responsibility to work in a manner, which safeguards themselves with equal concern for co-workers, the public and the environment.   _____________________________________ JERRY MARTIN,  PRESIDENT   NATURAL RESOURCE RECOVERY GROUP INC. © Natural Resource Recovery Group Incorporated Putting Our NRG To Work For  You COR Certified