888-616-2266      780-452-2321 Natural Resource Recovery Group Inc. Call for a quote. We haul throughout the Alberta region Putting Our NRG To Work For  You Live Floors We have a large fleet of walking floor/live floor trailers. We sell and haul primarily wood fibre (woodchips, shavings, recycled wood fibre and sawdust) but also haul a number of other bulk materials. Our walking floor trailers are 53’ long and on average hold approximately 150 cubic yards of product. The unloading process is quick and efficient, taking about 15 minutes to unload the trailer. Flat Deck Super B’s Offering services throughout Alberta and into the neighbouring provinces. We specialize in hauling veneer, rig mats, pipe and drilling mud. Equipment Mobilization NRG runs low bed trailers, available for equipment transportation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   End Dumps Winch Tractor with Tridem Trombones © Natural Resource Recovery Group Incorporated